Here are some links to puzzle sites I use, or have used before. They may be shops, forums, YouTube channels – I’ll try to give a decent explanation or description of each.

Twisty Puzzles Forum – great forum full of helpful members, some GREAT solvers, modders and traders. Definitely a first point of call for all things twisty.

Facebook Puzzle Photography – a great group on Facebook to view and share pictures of a whole variety of puzzles.

Facebook Puzzle Trader – another great Facebook group. People all over the world selling and swapping puzzles.

The Cubicle – US-based cube and puzzle store. Lifesavers when it has come to the missing pieces for the 10×10 I bought.

Superantoniovivaldi Youtube – AMAZING puzzle solver. Great teacher. Go see. DO IT.

Twisty Puzzling Youtube – another great solver. Line on the TP forums (I believe). Nice guy, great solver – very simple method. Well worth a look – a massive variety of puzzles with one simple solution. Great stuff.

CrazyBadCuber Youtube – you all know this guy. If not, WHY NOT? Go see. Solver, modder, tutorials, the works.

PeteTheGeek Youtube – another great solver. Tutorials, unboxings – well worth a look.

Create Your Own Cube Solution – interesting page for figuring out solutions yourself.

ThePuzzleStore UK – really great, UK-based puzzle store. Store-owner, Marty, can be found on the FB pages above and the TP forums. Nice guy. Well worth a browse if you are UK or Europe based. Much quicker shipping than buying from China and competitive prices to boot.

Oliver’s Stickers – probably the best sticker store you will find. Sticker mods, replacement stickers, different colour shades, custom stickers and more. If you need stickers, go here!