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Virust Mini 2×2 Ghost Cube

Just a cheeky little one today. I’ve already covered the Meffert’s 3×3 ghost cube, so thought I would throw this little guy into the ring.

I bought it direct from Virust Cube a while back. I actually ordered a mini one by accident, but them’s the breaks. It’s still a nice little cube. 

I believe the full size cubes are hand modded – this one is a 3D printed cube. 

It’s a bit grindy and noisy – but that seems to be the way of 3D printed cubes. It doesn’t catch and turns really well, it just has that signature noise. 

It’s only about $20, I think. Not a bad price for a printed cube. 

If you can solve a 2×2, you should be able to do this fairly easily. It’s just slightly more confusing. 

Definitely worth a punt at 20 bucks, but I would suggest going for the full-sized model (especially if you have stupid gorilla-hands, like me!!).

There was a bit of a furore when Fang Shi (?) brought out a mass-produced version without approval from Virust, but as far as I know that’s all sorted out now, but you know – buy from the maker. He makes some awesome puzzles. 

Here it is scrambled:

Fun times ahoy!