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Unknown brand über 3×3

So, today’s one will be a quick one, I think. 

After the Megaminx, I thought I would do the Gigaminx and then (in the words of Dr Seuss), is was figuring on biggering and biggering and BIGGERING! 

But. Alas. I realised I have already done my higher order cubes. The only bigger thing left is this guy. 

Pure stroke of luck – I’d wanted a big 3×3 for a long time, but just didn’t think they worth worth the £15 I had seen them on sale for (for me anyway). We went to the shops on a Saturday morning and took some of the kids’ old clothes to the charity (thrift?) shop. Whilst there, I took Joey to look at the toys. And this guy was just sitting there, waiting for me!!

The best thing about this particular shop is that, if you donate something, they give you a voucher for £1. We had donated before, so I had a voucher. This was priced at £1. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!

It’s not a bad cube, not great. It turns ok and doesn’t lock up. Doesn’t corner cut, but whose cares – IT WAS FREE!!

Here it is scrambled:

Here it is next to a Guanlong for comparison:

13 to go, peeps!



FINALLY!! I can share it properly and make it my Cube of the Day!!

You’ve seen it already – I don’t care! So happy it is complete, I could make it the Cube of the Day every day this week!!

I won’t. But I could…

It’s been a long time coming. If you don’t know – I bought this a while back on eBay. It was SUPER cheap, £10 plus shipping. Only problem – it was disassembled. But the seller promised all parts were there. 

It was delivered. I began. 

I started by installing the small, internal pieces. This took a long time – I have big hands and fingers and really struggled to get them all in at the same time, but I guessed they would provide some stability. 

As I put some in, I knocked some more out. This went on for a while. Finally I got to the last couple of sets and then realised one of the pieces was missing….

I emailed the seller to check if he had it anywhere. No joy. I started trying to find one online. A long search found that The Cubicle had spare parts for it. In panic, mode – I ordered one. 

In hindsight, this should have triggered an alarm and made me check the rest of the pieces were there. But no. Too stupid. I ordered one, single piece for about $18. Shipping was so expensive. But I wanted to build it. Desperately. 

The Cubicle took a while to post it, but when they did, the actual journey was super quick. AND just to be sure I had the right piece, they sent me a set of all four internal pieces. I wanted to kiss them!

I got the whole internal structure complete. Then began on the outer pieces. This took a while – I didn’t really figure out which went together – just kept hunting for each, individual piece. 
When I got my act together and figured out which went together and where, the pace picked up. 

I was racing through. Before I know it, I was left with the last layer. 

But bad luck struck again. By some coincidence, Red was missing a piece. As I found out when I got right to the end. 

Sadly, I went back to The Cubicle again. Ordered the last piece and waited. 

It came. 

Down to the final few pieces. I was expecting to have to take a lot out, but in a rather anti-climactic turn of events, the thing was finished in about two minutes!

I haven’t got my money back from eBay yet, but that’s next on the list. 

Anyway, here it is in all its scrambled glory:

I am amazed to say how well this turns. I thought it was going to be a dog, but I lunes it as I built it. Did one solve last week and it moves SO WELL. Very happy with this cube. 

Ps – I definitely won’t get this solved in a lunchtime, but that’s ok!


QJ Skewb Ultimate

Ok, continuing with the them, here is the Skewb Ultimate. Another one from the big order in March. Another one that I haven’t solved yet. 

In good news, I solved yesterday’s hex Skewb. In the half hour. Happy with that. And slightly happier with the Skewb family!

This is very much the same as yesterday’s Skewb – same build quality, same turning, same matt stickers. It’s a nice size – I have big hands, so prefer bigger puzzles. 

I lucked out with yesterday’s puzzle solve – the bottom half was easy. The top triangles seemed to solve themselves then I was left with a three-cycle of “corners”(?). As if by magic, DONE!

Hopefully, I’ll have the same luck with this. Time will tell….

Here he is scrambled:

I hope you’re enjoying Skewb week. I think I am. Slightly. See you tomorrow for another. 

Ps – I’m writing these earlier and scheduling them to publish, so you can normally find them here around 10.30 as well as the Facebook page. The spamming (sorry) will still happen around lunchtime.