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Cubikon Cool Chicken Mastermorphix

So, this is another one from Amazon back in the earlier days of cubing. Another Christmas gift. 

Slightly confusing, this one – especially following on from yesterday’s pyramid. 

Looks like a Pyraminx – maybe a master version, just a bit trickier?

NO! It’s a 3×3 shape mod!! Twists and turns just like a 3×3 cube, but has a little trick up it’s sleeve – SUPER CUBE PROPERTIES!

That’s right. Super fun times!

I remember when I got this, and couldn’t get my head around it! I just couldn’t get that it was still just a 3×3!!

It doesn’t get solved very often, but it’s a fun puzzle – super cheap, less than six pounds I think. 

Here it is scrambled:

Eight to go!


QJ Super Square-1

So, as if it wasn’t obvious, today is about biggering. After yesterday’s Square-1, so today is the super square-1. 

This was a gift from my wish list a long while ago. I don’t think I even knew what it was!! Just saw it and liked the look of it – no cuboid experience, no square-1 experience. Good luck, me…..

I really struggled and ended us watching videos to solve it. I had NO IDEA!

Still don’t……

BUT. I did write out my own guide for it. And lost that. 😦

Hey ho. So this sits mostly untouched on the shelf with all of the others. 

It’s a nice puzzle. Really well made. The stickers have this strange, gritty kind of feel to them. Unlike any others I have. But that’s how they have always been. 

I think there were a lot of complaints about this puzzle, but I have none. It turns very well and only locks up if it isn’t lined up properly!! Which seems pretty obvious!

I like it. 

I would have got a Square-1 first, and maybe a cuboid or two, but other than that, I like it. Give it a bash – this one actually came from Amazon, but they aren’t in stock any more. A quick search shows that Cubezz have them for well under ten pounds. GET STUCK IN!!

Here it is scrambled:

And now we are down to 11:

Have a good weekend!


Unknown brand über 3×3

So, today’s one will be a quick one, I think. 

After the Megaminx, I thought I would do the Gigaminx and then (in the words of Dr Seuss), is was figuring on biggering and biggering and BIGGERING! 

But. Alas. I realised I have already done my higher order cubes. The only bigger thing left is this guy. 

Pure stroke of luck – I’d wanted a big 3×3 for a long time, but just didn’t think they worth worth the £15 I had seen them on sale for (for me anyway). We went to the shops on a Saturday morning and took some of the kids’ old clothes to the charity (thrift?) shop. Whilst there, I took Joey to look at the toys. And this guy was just sitting there, waiting for me!!

The best thing about this particular shop is that, if you donate something, they give you a voucher for £1. We had donated before, so I had a voucher. This was priced at £1. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!

It’s not a bad cube, not great. It turns ok and doesn’t lock up. Doesn’t corner cut, but whose cares – IT WAS FREE!!

Here it is scrambled:

Here it is next to a Guanlong for comparison:

13 to go, peeps!


Rubik’s Cadbury 3×3

Well, as promised yesterday – a 3×3 sticker mod ( as opposed to yesterday’s shape mod). 

Again, and quite obviously, this is still just a 3×3 but with a twist. 

As you can see, the stickers are different (hence sticker mod). 

The solve is very much the same as a normal 3×3 but with an extra step – you now have to pay attention of the rotation of the centres. With a standard cube, the centres rotate but you don’t notice because the sticker is just one colour and no pattern. 

Here you can see what I am talking about – a rotated (and therefore unsolved) centre:

There’s not much more challenge here ( as long as you know how to turn the centres). 

I guess just the patterns or pictures are down to personal preference. 

Here is this one scrambled:

See you tomorrow!


“Rubbish” charity shop super 4×4 *UPDATE*

Well, today is a bit of an update. A bit of a success story. 

You may remember super cube week a while back? Well, the cheap super 4×4 was annoying me. The girl I bought it for went on holiday for a week or so. I thought that, whilst she was away, I would solve the cube for her.

How wrong I was…..

The thing was IMPOSSIBLE to turn. Not the greatest video, I admit, but take a look at how bad it really was:

So, I thought I would take it home and try to fix it for her…

What I found was: disgust!

I took the thing apart:

And it was obvious how dirty it was:

So, I went about cleaning it up. You can see just how filthy it was:

I then started attempting to reassemble it  (after the 10×10 – piece of cake! Right? WRONG!). It was almost impossible!

The inner centre pieces just wouldn’t stay in – there was no integrity as with the 10×10 – as those inner pieces went in, they sort of held each other in place. Not this….

Over the past couple of weeks, my tiredness level has gone through the roof. Every time I touched it, another piece fell out. I just haven’t had the energy to do it. 

UNTIL TODAY! (5am this morning, to be precise):

I struggled with the centres again, but powered through with a bit of a new plan of attack:

Made fairly quick progress:

You may wonder why I taped it as I went – it was so feeble, it just wouldn’t stay together – even with the screws as tight as they would go. 

Anyway, the last piece was a bit of a struggle, but I made it. 

I’d put a tiny bit of lube in the middle layer as I built it, but not much. 

Couldn’t be happier with the end result:

See you tomorrow for more insomnia-induced adventures!