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QJ Super Square-1

So, as if it wasn’t obvious, today is about biggering. After yesterday’s Square-1, so today is the super square-1. 

This was a gift from my wish list a long while ago. I don’t think I even knew what it was!! Just saw it and liked the look of it – no cuboid experience, no square-1 experience. Good luck, me…..

I really struggled and ended us watching videos to solve it. I had NO IDEA!

Still don’t……

BUT. I did write out my own guide for it. And lost that. 😦

Hey ho. So this sits mostly untouched on the shelf with all of the others. 

It’s a nice puzzle. Really well made. The stickers have this strange, gritty kind of feel to them. Unlike any others I have. But that’s how they have always been. 

I think there were a lot of complaints about this puzzle, but I have none. It turns very well and only locks up if it isn’t lined up properly!! Which seems pretty obvious!

I like it. 

I would have got a Square-1 first, and maybe a cuboid or two, but other than that, I like it. Give it a bash – this one actually came from Amazon, but they aren’t in stock any more. A quick search shows that Cubezz have them for well under ten pounds. GET STUCK IN!!

Here it is scrambled:

And now we are down to 11:

Have a good weekend!


MF8 Square-1

Well, I couldn’t go any bigger, so I went different!

I got this cube fairly recently – the first year I started cubing, I was bought a Super Square-1 for Christmas. Baffling. I had no idea what was going on. 

Now, you would hope that this story ended with me being happy with solving a Square-1. 


I still can’t do this thing!!

I just can’t get inspired to figure it out!!

I recently started expanding my higher order collection (I’m sure you saw the 10×10 saga). 

Well, I’d spoken to Andy on the Facebook Puzzle Trader page (see links page) a while back and he was saying how he solved bigger cubes more like a 2×2 than 3×3 reduction. I liked the idea, but didn’t get round to doing it…

When I did, I had to relearn some cuboid algorithms – corner swaps etc.  

As I was doing these, I started thinking about using these on the smaller edges on the Square-1. I guessed the 180 degree turning would relate it to a cuboid. 

Again, I would love to say I was right, or wrong, but I just didn’t get around to it!! So, today will be the day…..

This one came from ZCube for less than five pounds. I bought it because I wanted to figure out the Square-1, but the super version was a bit more than I could be bothered with at the time!

Here’s this one scrambled:

Now, only 12 days to go. It’s getting close. If you have any interest in my new venture, you can find out what is going on at I On Mayden….