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QJ Skewb Octahedron

Well, here we are at the last day of Skewb week (finally). 

I can definitely say this hasn’t increased my love for Skewbs. Probably the opposite. It’s been more of a chore (although the excitement of the 10×10 probably made this more mundane for me). 

He is a QJ Swewb Octahedron. I think these were originally designed by Tony Fisher. This is a cheap version, but you can but these through Tony’s website. I hate to advocate the knock off version, whilst promoting Tony’s site, but I really would have been sad (and disliked Skewbs even more) if I’d have paid a lot more for this puzzle (and in fact, most of this week’s puzzles!). It’s a nice addition to the collection but for one or two solves, isn’t worth much more to me. 

In fact, I think today will be the first scramble/solve of this one. In honesty, this week hasn’t gone so well – you have a shelf of half scrambled Skewbs!! If I don’t have time to solve these daily puzzles in my lunchtime, I generally finish them off in the evening, once the kids have gone to bed. I just haven’t had the inspiration to do that this week!! Poor Skewbs. 

It was pointed out on the Twisty Puzzles forum that yesterday’s Master Skewb wasn’t actually a Skewb. Probably explains why I like it so much!!

Never mind, normality will resume on Monday and I’ll have to try to get these Skewbs done over the weekend!!

Here’s this one scrambled:

Have a good weekend, gang. See you on Monday for more puzzles (that I like!!). 


Master Skewb (warning: solving spoiler below)

Well, with the distraction of Skewb week and deciding which variants to pick, I actually completely forgot about my favourite Skewb. I KNOW! Hard to believe I have a favourite, considering my disdain for the Skewb and his family. 

This is a fairly recent addition to the collection – a Christmas gift. I’d had one on my wish list for a while, by my disliking of skewb a in general stopped me from buying it. I’m glad someone bought it. 


It’s like a cross between a Skewb and a Rex cube.  


Big fan of the Rex cube anyway, but this adds another dimension to it. Perfectly well-made puzzle, good stickers, good turning. Not too difficult, but fun. 

Buy one. Buy one. Buy one. Simple as that.  You can pick these up for under ten pounds from most places. A MUST for all collections. 

Here it is scrambled:

Who would have thought I would be happy on a Skewb day? Not me, that’s for sure. Should have kept it for Friday. Oh well, never mind. 

See you tomorrow for one last Skewb. 


QJ Skewb Ultimate

Ok, continuing with the them, here is the Skewb Ultimate. Another one from the big order in March. Another one that I haven’t solved yet. 

In good news, I solved yesterday’s hex Skewb. In the half hour. Happy with that. And slightly happier with the Skewb family!

This is very much the same as yesterday’s Skewb – same build quality, same turning, same matt stickers. It’s a nice size – I have big hands, so prefer bigger puzzles. 

I lucked out with yesterday’s puzzle solve – the bottom half was easy. The top triangles seemed to solve themselves then I was left with a three-cycle of “corners”(?). As if by magic, DONE!

Hopefully, I’ll have the same luck with this. Time will tell….

Here he is scrambled:

I hope you’re enjoying Skewb week. I think I am. Slightly. See you tomorrow for another. 

Ps – I’m writing these earlier and scheduling them to publish, so you can normally find them here around 10.30 as well as the Facebook page. The spamming (sorry) will still happen around lunchtime. 


QJ Skewb 14 Face Hex

So, yesterday I said there would be a theme for the week. And (pretty obviously, it will be Skewb-based puzzles). 

I also talked about how much I really didn’t like the Skewb (not sure why I did a Skewb week? No, me neither). Well, I kept trying and maybe saw a bit of daylight when I thought I might like it. So…I went on a Skewb-buying binge. 

I’m still not convinced this solved the problem…..

Anyway, maybe this week will help. 

This one is a new one on me. I’m disappointed to say I haven’t even solved it yet. I haven’t even scrambled it!! I only ordered it in March!! So this week is a bit of a discovery journey for us all!

Two different faces – triangle faces and square faces. I thought initially that the square faces were annoy my twisters like the points of a pyramid, but no. Just a different shaped face. 

Hopes of solving this in my half hour lunch break are slim (if I’m honest, I’m spending more time blogging and sharing than I am eating and solving!!!). 

Anyway, it’s clicky – I think that may be part of why I dislike the Skewb – I did take the ball-bearings out of the White Skewb in yesterday’s post (a long time ago), but that didn’t help to make me like it any better. Hey ho. 

If you like Skewbs, it’s not a bad puzzle. VERY cheap – just over three pounds from Z Cube. Worth a punt if you want a variation on a theme. It has pretty thin, matt-feel stickers, but it’s not really an issue. 

Here it is scrambled:

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Thanks. See you tomorrow. 



Well, last week turned into something – a week with a theme. I didn’t plan it, but quite liked it!

So, I’m going to do another one…

I’ve had this Skewb for quite some time (so long, I can’t even remember where I got it from!! Maybe Amazon). 

It was my first Skewb. I didn’t like it. It turns fine and is not badly made, but I just didn’t like the Skewb type of puzzle. I still can’t say I am a massive fan. But I’m trying to persevere. Again and again. 

I don’t know why I don’t like it, but every now and then I go back – and STILL DON’T LIKE IT! Every time, I think it will grow on me, or my taste might have changed a bit. But no. 

Anyway, here he is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more. Can you guess what it will be?
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Maybe comment there on what you think tomorrow will bring. 

Have a good Monday.