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Moyu Weilong GTS

Well, here we are. The last week. FIVE MORE DAYS OF WORK!! Five more cubes of the day (officially):

So. I know at the beginning, I said I wasn’t really going to feature standard 3×3 cubes, and I think I’ve stuck pretty well to that – I think I’ve only done super cubes and sticker mods. Until today….

Last week, I showed you some of Olivér’s stickers and I have some more to show. Which led me to this. In a round about way. 

I showed the glittery stickers first. Which I had put on the QiHong. I now have another set which I will put on my Guanlong (which, if I had a “main”, would have been it). Which left me with no “main” 3×3. So, I thought I would get a new one and that would be all I need. Enter the GTS….

I’ve also said that I don’t speedcube. Really….

I keep the Guanlong in my desk drawer and sometimes solve at lunchtime with a timer – if the cube of the day has been a quick or particularly easy one. The fastest solve I’ve done was 26 seconds, but that was quite a while ago. I’ve recently done 28, but I probably average around 40 seconds. 

So, with the Guanlong restickered, I wanted a new “go to” 3×3. I ordered this on Wednesday evening from Marty at The Puzzle Store. By Saturday morning, it was here. 

The first, and most obvious, thing to notice about this cube is the packaging. I know it adds to the cost and blah blah blah, but it makes it look a cut about the rest. Whether it is, or not, is a different matter, but first impressions count for something!!

I’ve done some first turns on it and it is smooth. In fairness, so was the Guanlong – so cheap (less than £2) but for my ability, I didn’t want or need anything more. It has had a lot of solves, as well as a bit of tensioning and lube, so was bound to do fairly well. 

But this is very good. I don’t do fast finger tricks and super quick algorithms, but can still feel how fast it moves.  

The stickers don’t look minutely perfect, but good enough:

I’m not going to give you the full, 100% review. That’s not my thing. There are millions of YouTubers that can do that for you. 

I’m just here to tell you this is nice. And show you it. Have a look at the grooved insides:

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more countdown fuelled fun!


MoFanGe QiHong with Oliver’s Stickers

So, today we start the countdown of the last ten days with a real treat. 

To start with, this was a standard QiHong from Lightake. Nothing special, less than £2. It was swapped with a Shengshou 3×3 that I didn’t want. 

I don’t collect 3×3 cubes – because I don’t speedcube, when you’ve got one, you’ve pretty much got them all. So, this sat. Waiting…

As you may, or may not, know – I share (spam) these post on a couple of Facebook pages. I ended us chatting to Olivér about the blog and his sticker shop and he very kindly offered to send me some stickers. 

These are the first of them. 

Not being one for restickering much (at all), this should be fun!

So, I started off destickering the cube using a sticker remover I got from The Cubicle when I ordered the 10×10 parts and stickers. 

This made real quick work of removing the stickers cleanly. 

There wasn’t much residue, but I used some Sticky Off I had bought from Amazon when I knew these stickers were coming.

Quick spray. Leave it for a bit. Wipe clean. 

Then it came to applying the new stickers. When I had done this before, I had used application sheets. I didn’t have any, so used the remover for help:

You can’t clearly see the stickers, but they are so nice. They dance under the light!

Here are some checkerboards:

And a full scramble:

These are some really nice stickers – well made, well cut and really good quality. I’ve got some more to do, so I’ll show a couple more over the next two weeks: