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LanLan Face Turning Octahedron

Man, time is flying. Only two days left at work after today and I am swamped. Normally, I’ll get this written in the morning. It’s now 13:16 and I’m just starting. Lunch is almost over!!!

So. Real quick today – short and sweet. 

This cube came from Cube4You (which seems to be down at the minute) a while back. For some reason, I really wanted one. Can’t remember why!! So, I made a small order for this and something else.

Th can be found elsewhere for about £10 or less. 

I really enjoyed learning how to solve this puzzle. I guess now it is scrambled I’ll have to do it again!! It’s been a while….

Each face rotates around its centre point: 

If I remember rightly, it wasn’t a particularly difficult solve, but time will tell….

It’s a bit clicky, but doesn’t catch and turns well. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for, hopefully, a better post….