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MF8 Gigaminx

Well, as an obvious step up from yesterday’s Megaminx, it’s the turn of the giga today. 

Solve-wise, I don’t think there is much of a difference – than there is between solving a 3×3 and a 4×4. 

Saying that, this was a gift possibly two Christmases ago (from my wish list), but hasn’t been solved very many times. So it is hard to remember…

If I’m right quite a lot of people weren’t overly impressed with this puzzle. I did a few turns this morning when I picked it up to take to work and it seems to turn well enough. The stickers are all intact and it’s a comfortable weight. It’s OK. Not going to break any speed solving records, especially now that the cheaper and better Shengshou version is available. 

The amount of times I solve this puzzle tells me that I have no need for the Shengshou, but if you don’t have a Gigaminx already, that’s probably the road for you. 

So, here is this one scrambled:

And, of course, only 14 days to go:


Shengshou Megaminx

Here we go. Last three weeks. It’s going to fly by, I’m sure….

Today it’s time for a cube that isn’t a cube! A megaminx. 

So, after I learned my lesson the other week – a quick summary. A cube that’s not a cube? Basically, this is a 3×3 x 12. Of sorts. It’s works the same and interacts the same way as a 3×3 does, just with more sides to solve. The same algorithms work – just with a slight modification – to twist a face back to starting position takes five turns instead of the normal three on a 3×3 cube. Not rocket science and with a bit of figuring, should be easy enough if you can solve a standard cube. 

This one is a Shengshou. Nothing special. Well, I say that but my Amazon order history shows this was the first non 3×3 puzzle I bought (I think I bought an official Rubik’s 3×3, then a Dayan Panchi, which was a birthday gift, then a Dayan Zanchi and then this). So a bit of a milestone. 

I vaguely remember getting it. And figuring it out on my own – I was very new to vining, but was able to do this with my very small knowledge of solving a 3×3. 

Considering how cheap this was, it’s a very nice puzzle. Well made, turns VERY well, well stickered. I can’t really fault it. It’s definitely not a speedsolving puzzle, but that’s not really my bag, so I am happy with it. 

If you have a fairly large collection, I’m sure you already have a megaminx. If you don’t, branch out – give it a try!

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for another countdown day!