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Fisher Cube

I realised this morning that after all this time, I’d missed out a very important puzzle. The Fisher Cube. 

Partly because of it being a very early and world renowned 3×3 mod, but partly because of the man that made it. Tony Fisher. Over THIRTY YEARS ago!!

Still modding now, a world record holder and inventor of some incredible puzzles and mods. 

You can see a bit of history about the Fisher cube here

I know we’ve seen the 4×4 fisher, but missed this one out, somehow. 

It’s a 3×3, but not as we know it!

It turns and moves the same, but can have some interesting parities, or more correctly “false equivocations”. 

I must admit that this is very cheap knock off. Not very nice feeling, a bit gritty, but I wanted to try one and happened to be making an order from somewhere that sold them (sorry Tony!). 

You can still buy official ones directly from Tony’s site (link above). 

It’s a great puzzle and should be in everyone’s collection. 

Here it is scrambled:

Last two days – one more cube of the day: