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Well. I thought I wanted something spectacular for the last (regular) daily post. 

And I did. 

But I couldn’t. 

I wanted to show this cube. 

It’s the one that started it all. My original, Rubik’s cube. 

A couple of years back, a kid came into our office. Young, 10 or 11. He happened to have a cube with him. He solved it in (what seemed to me) lightning quick time. 

In hindsight, it was probably 20 – 30 seconds. It seemed like about 5 seconds. 

I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. 

So, I headed for old faithful YouTube. Had a look at some videos and I was hooked. I didn’t even have a cube!

I had to wait a few days before it got to a shop that sold one. 

Spent a LONG time on the first solve. I think it was hours!

I then got quicker and had the moves memorised. It took a few months, but it got down to a minute. 

Then gradually quicker and quicker. 

After a couple of months, I went to a boot sale with my family. One seller had a 4×4 cube. Labelled for £2. I didn’t even have a penny on me! My mum went to get it for me. Haggled. ONE POUND!

It was a Rubik’s brand 4×4. Not very good, but it was really the beggining of different cubes (I think by then, I had a Dayan zanchi and panchi, but nothing other than a 3×3). 

Then I was REALLY hooked. 

But this was the one cube to rule them all. 

It led me here. 

I hope this series has been fun and maybe a bit informative – particularly for newer cubers. 

This is the last daily post, but  intend to do some more sporadically as time goes on. Just not very regularly. 

Again, you can follow my new adventures at I On Mayden

But for now, it’s adios!

Here’s this one scrambled:


Dayan/MF8 3×3 Crazy Planets


Today, we have a pair of cubes. One looks normal. The other – not so normal!

This is kind of a kit. There has been LOTS written about this. 

Originally, the set of crazy 3×3 planets were released. 

A set of eight cubes that had various crazy faces. Some turned, some didn’t. You’ve seen an example of this with the Crazy 2x3x3 is showed before. 

But then………..the idea came about to mod these cubes together to form a kit. I think this was down to Cha Reeves (rline on the twisty puzzle forums or Twisty Puzzles in YouTube). 

He detailed his idea in this video.

This then evolved into making a kit out of just two puzzles:

A two circle face
A four circle face

Here is a link to a discussion on the TP forums. 

Here is a layout of all the possibilities with just these two cubes (as well as the ones pictured above):

I haven’t even scratched the surface of these, as you can see mine didn’t even progress from a six circle face!! Mercury, I think….

I think I used Pete’s video on stickering the right way. 

Here is mine scrambled. If you like variation, assembling and value for money, there is no way you shouldn’t have these. 

Four more days to go!