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Curvy Copter

Well. Seems we have almost the same story as yesterday!
Another cube I’ve always had, no idea where it came from, when, or why!

Very unusual for me – I normally know who bought it, where from and why (or when). But these copters have befuddled me!

Oh well. Maybe the countdown is getting to me:

 Anyway, much like yesterday’s cube, this is an edge turner. Like yesterday’s cube, it jumbles. Slightly different are the cuts – this one is cut deeper to give the triangular-ish edge-centre pieces.

Not really much more of a challenge unless you (start a-jumbling….).

A really short, show and tell type post today – flat out at work trying to get everything sorted to leave and a busy morning before that.

Don’t forget you’ll be able to keep up at I On Mayden from the 22nd onwards.

Here is this one scrambled:

 Have a good weekend, folks!