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Well. I thought I wanted something spectacular for the last (regular) daily post. 

And I did. 

But I couldn’t. 

I wanted to show this cube. 

It’s the one that started it all. My original, Rubik’s cube. 

A couple of years back, a kid came into our office. Young, 10 or 11. He happened to have a cube with him. He solved it in (what seemed to me) lightning quick time. 

In hindsight, it was probably 20 – 30 seconds. It seemed like about 5 seconds. 

I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. 

So, I headed for old faithful YouTube. Had a look at some videos and I was hooked. I didn’t even have a cube!

I had to wait a few days before it got to a shop that sold one. 

Spent a LONG time on the first solve. I think it was hours!

I then got quicker and had the moves memorised. It took a few months, but it got down to a minute. 

Then gradually quicker and quicker. 

After a couple of months, I went to a boot sale with my family. One seller had a 4×4 cube. Labelled for £2. I didn’t even have a penny on me! My mum went to get it for me. Haggled. ONE POUND!

It was a Rubik’s brand 4×4. Not very good, but it was really the beggining of different cubes (I think by then, I had a Dayan zanchi and panchi, but nothing other than a 3×3). 

Then I was REALLY hooked. 

But this was the one cube to rule them all. 

It led me here. 

I hope this series has been fun and maybe a bit informative – particularly for newer cubers. 

This is the last daily post, but  intend to do some more sporadically as time goes on. Just not very regularly. 

Again, you can follow my new adventures at I On Mayden

But for now, it’s adios!

Here’s this one scrambled:


Fisher Cube

I realised this morning that after all this time, I’d missed out a very important puzzle. The Fisher Cube. 

Partly because of it being a very early and world renowned 3×3 mod, but partly because of the man that made it. Tony Fisher. Over THIRTY YEARS ago!!

Still modding now, a world record holder and inventor of some incredible puzzles and mods. 

You can see a bit of history about the Fisher cube here

I know we’ve seen the 4×4 fisher, but missed this one out, somehow. 

It’s a 3×3, but not as we know it!

It turns and moves the same, but can have some interesting parities, or more correctly “false equivocations”. 

I must admit that this is very cheap knock off. Not very nice feeling, a bit gritty, but I wanted to try one and happened to be making an order from somewhere that sold them (sorry Tony!). 

You can still buy official ones directly from Tony’s site (link above). 

It’s a great puzzle and should be in everyone’s collection. 

Here it is scrambled:

Last two days – one more cube of the day:


LanLan Face Turning Octahedron

Man, time is flying. Only two days left at work after today and I am swamped. Normally, I’ll get this written in the morning. It’s now 13:16 and I’m just starting. Lunch is almost over!!!

So. Real quick today – short and sweet. 

This cube came from Cube4You (which seems to be down at the minute) a while back. For some reason, I really wanted one. Can’t remember why!! So, I made a small order for this and something else.

Th can be found elsewhere for about £10 or less. 

I really enjoyed learning how to solve this puzzle. I guess now it is scrambled I’ll have to do it again!! It’s been a while….

Each face rotates around its centre point: 

If I remember rightly, it wasn’t a particularly difficult solve, but time will tell….

It’s a bit clicky, but doesn’t catch and turns well. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for, hopefully, a better post….


Dayan/MF8 3×3 Crazy Planets


Today, we have a pair of cubes. One looks normal. The other – not so normal!

This is kind of a kit. There has been LOTS written about this. 

Originally, the set of crazy 3×3 planets were released. 

A set of eight cubes that had various crazy faces. Some turned, some didn’t. You’ve seen an example of this with the Crazy 2x3x3 is showed before. 

But then………..the idea came about to mod these cubes together to form a kit. I think this was down to Cha Reeves (rline on the twisty puzzle forums or Twisty Puzzles in YouTube). 

He detailed his idea in this video.

This then evolved into making a kit out of just two puzzles:

A two circle face
A four circle face

Here is a link to a discussion on the TP forums. 

Here is a layout of all the possibilities with just these two cubes (as well as the ones pictured above):

I haven’t even scratched the surface of these, as you can see mine didn’t even progress from a six circle face!! Mercury, I think….

I think I used Pete’s video on stickering the right way. 

Here is mine scrambled. If you like variation, assembling and value for money, there is no way you shouldn’t have these. 

Four more days to go!


Moyu Weilong GTS

Well, here we are. The last week. FIVE MORE DAYS OF WORK!! Five more cubes of the day (officially):

So. I know at the beginning, I said I wasn’t really going to feature standard 3×3 cubes, and I think I’ve stuck pretty well to that – I think I’ve only done super cubes and sticker mods. Until today….

Last week, I showed you some of Olivér’s stickers and I have some more to show. Which led me to this. In a round about way. 

I showed the glittery stickers first. Which I had put on the QiHong. I now have another set which I will put on my Guanlong (which, if I had a “main”, would have been it). Which left me with no “main” 3×3. So, I thought I would get a new one and that would be all I need. Enter the GTS….

I’ve also said that I don’t speedcube. Really….

I keep the Guanlong in my desk drawer and sometimes solve at lunchtime with a timer – if the cube of the day has been a quick or particularly easy one. The fastest solve I’ve done was 26 seconds, but that was quite a while ago. I’ve recently done 28, but I probably average around 40 seconds. 

So, with the Guanlong restickered, I wanted a new “go to” 3×3. I ordered this on Wednesday evening from Marty at The Puzzle Store. By Saturday morning, it was here. 

The first, and most obvious, thing to notice about this cube is the packaging. I know it adds to the cost and blah blah blah, but it makes it look a cut about the rest. Whether it is, or not, is a different matter, but first impressions count for something!!

I’ve done some first turns on it and it is smooth. In fairness, so was the Guanlong – so cheap (less than £2) but for my ability, I didn’t want or need anything more. It has had a lot of solves, as well as a bit of tensioning and lube, so was bound to do fairly well. 

But this is very good. I don’t do fast finger tricks and super quick algorithms, but can still feel how fast it moves.  

The stickers don’t look minutely perfect, but good enough:

I’m not going to give you the full, 100% review. That’s not my thing. There are millions of YouTubers that can do that for you. 

I’m just here to tell you this is nice. And show you it. Have a look at the grooved insides:

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more countdown fuelled fun!


Curvy Copter

Well. Seems we have almost the same story as yesterday!
Another cube I’ve always had, no idea where it came from, when, or why!

Very unusual for me – I normally know who bought it, where from and why (or when). But these copters have befuddled me!

Oh well. Maybe the countdown is getting to me:

 Anyway, much like yesterday’s cube, this is an edge turner. Like yesterday’s cube, it jumbles. Slightly different are the cuts – this one is cut deeper to give the triangular-ish edge-centre pieces.

Not really much more of a challenge unless you (start a-jumbling….).

A really short, show and tell type post today – flat out at work trying to get everything sorted to leave and a busy morning before that.

Don’t forget you’ll be able to keep up at I On Mayden from the 22nd onwards.

Here is this one scrambled:

 Have a good weekend, folks!


Helicopter Cube

Well, today I realised I hadn’t covered this cube already. 

I haven’t solved it in a LONG time. 

And unlike any of the other cubes (most of the other cubes), I can’t tell you where it came from, who bought it (if it wasn’t me), or why. 

It’s just always been there!!

A quick check through order histories shows it came from ZCube as a no brand helicopter cube. Still only just over five pounds. I genuinely don’t remember buying this, or receiving it!!

Anyway, if you don’t know – a helicopter cube is an edge turner. Where a standard cube is a face turner – the centres of the face are the rotation points, with a helicopter, the rotation point is the middle of the edge:

This one shouldn’t be too tough to solve – play a bit and figure out how it moves and works and where pieces can move to and you’ll get there. 
For a cheap, no brand puzzle, it isn’t too bad. (The url address says it is a Z brand). You can get one from most stores of choice. 

Again, a complete different world from a standard 3×3, but not too far a stretch if you fancy something different. 

So. There’s something I forgot. JUMBLING!!! When scrambling the cube for the last picture, I accidentally did a bit of a jumble. In case you don’t know, this cube can jumble (shape shift). Don’t ask me how, or why (bear in mind I had completely forgotten it even happened!!). BUT. Because of the edge turning of this puzzle, each piece has an orbit – it can only move to certain places on the cube. Unless you do the jumbling move. Basically, it moves pieces out of their orbit to get an EXTRA scrambled puzzle. I’ll try to show you in a few pictures, but I’m sure you can find tons of videos of it on YouTube:

Here it is scrambled:

Not far now – seven days to go (including today):


Cubikon Cool Chicken Mastermorphix

So, this is another one from Amazon back in the earlier days of cubing. Another Christmas gift. 

Slightly confusing, this one – especially following on from yesterday’s pyramid. 

Looks like a Pyraminx – maybe a master version, just a bit trickier?

NO! It’s a 3×3 shape mod!! Twists and turns just like a 3×3 cube, but has a little trick up it’s sleeve – SUPER CUBE PROPERTIES!

That’s right. Super fun times!

I remember when I got this, and couldn’t get my head around it! I just couldn’t get that it was still just a 3×3!!

It doesn’t get solved very often, but it’s a fun puzzle – super cheap, less than six pounds I think. 

Here it is scrambled:

Eight to go!


Truncated Pyraminx (from Poundland!) 

So, today I thought we could have a look at this guy – a truncated Pyraminx. I have a standard Pyraminx, and have had it for a while, but I heard some pound shops were selling these, so I kept an eye out if I was near.

 By a stroke of luck, I found one – the shop only had two left when I went in.

 For a £1 puzzle, it is surprisingly decent!! There have been a couple of instances where the panels have fallen off, but nothing that a bit of super glue won’t fix!

It’s exactly the same as a normal Pyraminx, apart from the trivial tips, but who needs those anyway?!!?

 Only a quick one today for my quick, Pound shop, puzzle.

Here it is scrambled:

 More tomorrow (only nine days to go!!):


MoFanGe QiHong with Oliver’s Stickers

So, today we start the countdown of the last ten days with a real treat. 

To start with, this was a standard QiHong from Lightake. Nothing special, less than £2. It was swapped with a Shengshou 3×3 that I didn’t want. 

I don’t collect 3×3 cubes – because I don’t speedcube, when you’ve got one, you’ve pretty much got them all. So, this sat. Waiting…

As you may, or may not, know – I share (spam) these post on a couple of Facebook pages. I ended us chatting to Olivér about the blog and his sticker shop and he very kindly offered to send me some stickers. 

These are the first of them. 

Not being one for restickering much (at all), this should be fun!

So, I started off destickering the cube using a sticker remover I got from The Cubicle when I ordered the 10×10 parts and stickers. 

This made real quick work of removing the stickers cleanly. 

There wasn’t much residue, but I used some Sticky Off I had bought from Amazon when I knew these stickers were coming.

Quick spray. Leave it for a bit. Wipe clean. 

Then it came to applying the new stickers. When I had done this before, I had used application sheets. I didn’t have any, so used the remover for help:

You can’t clearly see the stickers, but they are so nice. They dance under the light!

Here are some checkerboards:

And a full scramble:

These are some really nice stickers – well made, well cut and really good quality. I’ve got some more to do, so I’ll show a couple more over the next two weeks: