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Dayan/MF8 3×3 Crazy Planets


Today, we have a pair of cubes. One looks normal. The other – not so normal!

This is kind of a kit. There has been LOTS written about this. 

Originally, the set of crazy 3×3 planets were released. 

A set of eight cubes that had various crazy faces. Some turned, some didn’t. You’ve seen an example of this with the Crazy 2x3x3 is showed before. 

But then………..the idea came about to mod these cubes together to form a kit. I think this was down to Cha Reeves (rline on the twisty puzzle forums or Twisty Puzzles in YouTube). 

He detailed his idea in this video.

This then evolved into making a kit out of just two puzzles:

A two circle face
A four circle face

Here is a link to a discussion on the TP forums. 

Here is a layout of all the possibilities with just these two cubes (as well as the ones pictured above):

I haven’t even scratched the surface of these, as you can see mine didn’t even progress from a six circle face!! Mercury, I think….

I think I used Pete’s video on stickering the right way. 

Here is mine scrambled. If you like variation, assembling and value for money, there is no way you shouldn’t have these. 

Four more days to go!


MoFanGe QiHong with Oliver’s Stickers

So, today we start the countdown of the last ten days with a real treat. 

To start with, this was a standard QiHong from Lightake. Nothing special, less than £2. It was swapped with a Shengshou 3×3 that I didn’t want. 

I don’t collect 3×3 cubes – because I don’t speedcube, when you’ve got one, you’ve pretty much got them all. So, this sat. Waiting…

As you may, or may not, know – I share (spam) these post on a couple of Facebook pages. I ended us chatting to Olivér about the blog and his sticker shop and he very kindly offered to send me some stickers. 

These are the first of them. 

Not being one for restickering much (at all), this should be fun!

So, I started off destickering the cube using a sticker remover I got from The Cubicle when I ordered the 10×10 parts and stickers. 

This made real quick work of removing the stickers cleanly. 

There wasn’t much residue, but I used some Sticky Off I had bought from Amazon when I knew these stickers were coming.

Quick spray. Leave it for a bit. Wipe clean. 

Then it came to applying the new stickers. When I had done this before, I had used application sheets. I didn’t have any, so used the remover for help:

You can’t clearly see the stickers, but they are so nice. They dance under the light!

Here are some checkerboards:

And a full scramble:

These are some really nice stickers – well made, well cut and really good quality. I’ve got some more to do, so I’ll show a couple more over the next two weeks:


MF8 2x3x4

The first of the shape-shifters.

So, as with the last couple of puzzles, this is another cuboid. Where the others have had a common number of sides (3×3x5, 3×3x9, 3×3x6) this one is different. All three are different. 2 by 3 by 4. This allows some strange things to happen….

It changes shape. 

If you’re fairly new to puzzling, maybe with a bit of experience with standard nxnxn puzzles (2×2, 3×3 etc.),  this will be a whole new world for you!!

As well as new algorithms and ways of solving (180 degree turns), you’ve now got a new problem. Restructuring!

As with higher order puzzles (particularly as a beginner), you will need to reduce this back to shape before you can start solving it! That’s where your problems begin, my friend….

As with higher order puzzles, reduction comes at a cost. Sometimes parity. Sometimes, false equivocation (see Superantoniovivaldi on the links page). 

Where you are putting this back to shape, you may notice some of the pieces look exactly the same. That’s where the similarities end. Looks. Each piece still has its own place. Put two in the wrong places and you’ll know about it. At the end. 

I won’t go massively into parity here, because (a) it’s not that kind of blog and (b) a million people can explain it a million times better than I can (see Twisty Puzzles forum in the links page). 

Suffice to say, these shape-shifters will open up a whole new world and this 2x3x4 is just the beginning….

For a starter, his is a bargain around ten pounds. You can get it from most of the usual suspects. Just beware: this puzzle didn’t arrive fully functional. Some moves would bandage it and stop it moving further. Mine came with the extra pieces to fix this (that was a puzzle in itself). Maybe check with your retailer that these come with the puzzle. They should do, but old stock may not. 

Anyway, here he is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more fun!


“Rubbish” charity shop super 4×4 *UPDATE*

Well, today is a bit of an update. A bit of a success story. 

You may remember super cube week a while back? Well, the cheap super 4×4 was annoying me. The girl I bought it for went on holiday for a week or so. I thought that, whilst she was away, I would solve the cube for her.

How wrong I was…..

The thing was IMPOSSIBLE to turn. Not the greatest video, I admit, but take a look at how bad it really was:

So, I thought I would take it home and try to fix it for her…

What I found was: disgust!

I took the thing apart:

And it was obvious how dirty it was:

So, I went about cleaning it up. You can see just how filthy it was:

I then started attempting to reassemble it  (after the 10×10 – piece of cake! Right? WRONG!). It was almost impossible!

The inner centre pieces just wouldn’t stay in – there was no integrity as with the 10×10 – as those inner pieces went in, they sort of held each other in place. Not this….

Over the past couple of weeks, my tiredness level has gone through the roof. Every time I touched it, another piece fell out. I just haven’t had the energy to do it. 

UNTIL TODAY! (5am this morning, to be precise):

I struggled with the centres again, but powered through with a bit of a new plan of attack:

Made fairly quick progress:

You may wonder why I taped it as I went – it was so feeble, it just wouldn’t stay together – even with the screws as tight as they would go. 

Anyway, the last piece was a bit of a struggle, but I made it. 

I’d put a tiny bit of lube in the middle layer as I built it, but not much. 

Couldn’t be happier with the end result:

See you tomorrow for more insomnia-induced adventures!



FINALLY!! I can share it properly and make it my Cube of the Day!!

You’ve seen it already – I don’t care! So happy it is complete, I could make it the Cube of the Day every day this week!!

I won’t. But I could…

It’s been a long time coming. If you don’t know – I bought this a while back on eBay. It was SUPER cheap, £10 plus shipping. Only problem – it was disassembled. But the seller promised all parts were there. 

It was delivered. I began. 

I started by installing the small, internal pieces. This took a long time – I have big hands and fingers and really struggled to get them all in at the same time, but I guessed they would provide some stability. 

As I put some in, I knocked some more out. This went on for a while. Finally I got to the last couple of sets and then realised one of the pieces was missing….

I emailed the seller to check if he had it anywhere. No joy. I started trying to find one online. A long search found that The Cubicle had spare parts for it. In panic, mode – I ordered one. 

In hindsight, this should have triggered an alarm and made me check the rest of the pieces were there. But no. Too stupid. I ordered one, single piece for about $18. Shipping was so expensive. But I wanted to build it. Desperately. 

The Cubicle took a while to post it, but when they did, the actual journey was super quick. AND just to be sure I had the right piece, they sent me a set of all four internal pieces. I wanted to kiss them!

I got the whole internal structure complete. Then began on the outer pieces. This took a while – I didn’t really figure out which went together – just kept hunting for each, individual piece. 
When I got my act together and figured out which went together and where, the pace picked up. 

I was racing through. Before I know it, I was left with the last layer. 

But bad luck struck again. By some coincidence, Red was missing a piece. As I found out when I got right to the end. 

Sadly, I went back to The Cubicle again. Ordered the last piece and waited. 

It came. 

Down to the final few pieces. I was expecting to have to take a lot out, but in a rather anti-climactic turn of events, the thing was finished in about two minutes!

I haven’t got my money back from eBay yet, but that’s next on the list. 

Anyway, here it is in all its scrambled glory:

I am amazed to say how well this turns. I thought it was going to be a dog, but I lunes it as I built it. Did one solve last week and it moves SO WELL. Very happy with this cube. 

Ps – I definitely won’t get this solved in a lunchtime, but that’s ok!



Finally, the emotional rollercoaster ride is over. Well, I still haven’t got my money back from eBay, but right now I DON’T CARE!! IT IS FINISHED!

Thanks to The Cubicle, I finally have all of the parts needed. 

The final assembly itself was a doddle. Much easier than I thought. 

First, I checked I had all of the pieces. 

And, doing the opposite of advice (and common sense), I took out the last eight edges, held as much in place with masking tape, then JAMMED THOSE BAD BOYS BACK IN!!

I had no idea if it would go – I was running on pure hope by now. But, low and behold, in they went!


Back tomorrow for some more skewby fun. 

Peace out. X


10×10 woes

Well, for the sake of continuity, another update  on the 10×10. 

I went at it in earnest yesterday to get it finished. Made quick progress. 

Had a plan of attack to build up the sides, then infill the top. 

Things went swimmingly. Then came the last layer. Like any cube, where the problems begin…

I don’t have the smallest hands in the world, so had already really struggled with the internal pieces without the rest of the pieces to worry about. When they started coming out as I was putting external pieces in, I expected trouble. 

I got the first side filled in. With lots of bother. As I got closer to the end, I got more worried….

Yup. You guessed it – ANOTHER PIECE MISSING. 😦

Mucho sadness. 

Refund request to eBay. 

Order placed to The Cubicle


But. I’m still not sure how I’m going to get the last pieces in when they get here anyway!!

Oh well. Normal service will be resumed at lunchtime. 

I’ve added a new Facebook page. Please like and share here: Cube of the Day



Addendum. More 10×10…

Well, I was right. I seem to have gotten much quicker at finding and placing the pieces. In quite a short space of time, I got another quarter done – it was a long day yesterday, so I didn’t do any more. 

I will probably finish in another two sessions. One tonight and one tomorrow. Fingers crossed, all of the pieces will be there….


A little extra treat…..

So, a while ago, I found a massive bargain on eBay – a Shengshou 10×10. I won the auction at a price of £10 plus £5 shipping. Crazy cheap.

There was only one catch – it was in pieces. But all the pieces were there. Apparently. 

I received it quickly in the post, and started putting it together. Quite soon on, I realised a piece was missing. The seller offered me my money back, but I discovered that The Cubicle stocked spare parts. Shipping cost was expensive, but still meant the cube was a steal. 

They took some time to ship the piece, but once they did. It came quickly. And instead of just the one piece, they actually sent me a whole set of the four internal pieces. Very nice. 

So after all this waiting time, today was the day to begin assembly properly. Much excitement. Kids put to bed. The dinner/play doh table became the assembly room. 

I had done a bit of assembly before the missing piece was discovered – one, or maybe two 5x5x1 corners squares. But I didn’t really know what I was doing. 

With a while to think about it, I now had quite a game plan and knew how to get going. Place in all of the internal pieces to (hopefully) add some stability to the core before working in the big, edge wedges and then the smaller pieces. 

And use tape. LOTS of tape.

I did fairly well – one whole quarter done. No explosions, or tears, or lost pieces. 

More to be done tonight (although it is 4.30am and I am wide awake). Hopefully progress will be quicker – I found myself fishing around for pieces still trying to figure what goes where. I have a new plan to tackle this, to hopefully speed things up. I’ll update tomorrow.