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Witeden 3x3x9

Here we go. Back with the cubic cuboids again. Ps – only 19 more to go….

Anyway. Back to it. This was a Christmas gift (from my sister, I think) – the Amazon wish list is a great thing! I think this was bought through Amazon, but I like the fact that you can bookmark products from other shops into your list as well. Distracted again. Sorry. 

Very much the same as yesterday, this is a cuboid puzzle but in a cube shape. The way I solve this one (not sure about others) would be to first orient the layers – pretty much solving it as a 3×3 cube but without worrying about piece placement, just so that the individual layers can then be turned. Then solve the layers as I would a normal cuboid – centre layer first, then basically domino solving each layer working outwards from the centre. 
There may be an easier or quicker way to go about it, but that’s the way I do it and I’m quite happy with it!!

It’s a very nicely made puzzle. Solid, sturdy, turns well with nice stickers.

A quick search shows these to be around £15. Not a bad price for a nice puzzle. There are different versions of this available – roadblocks (I think). The variation comes with the top and bottom centres also having three thin layers instead of the solid block on this one. I guess, just adding one more step to the solve. 

Anyway, nice puzzle. Not too tricky if you’re just getting in to cuboids. Give it a whirl!

Here it is scrambled:

Very nice. Reminds me of liquorice allsorts!

See you tomorrow!