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Witeden 3x3x6

Well, we’ve move out of the realm of “cubic cuboids” and into the cuboid proper territory with this tower block style puzzle. 


I think this was also a gift (although I can’t remember who from – sorry!). 

It was probably one of my first cuboids. With which, came some new learning – the world of 180 degree turns was a new on for me! I didn’t even have a domino cube (still don’t, in fat!!) to learn with. 

Fortunately, this one is a nice easy entry in. No shape-shifting, just plain simple solving. And unlike yesterday’s cubic puzzle – the layers are nice and chunky. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before my big hands, so the tiny layers of yesterday’s 3x3x9 make it a lot harder than it should be!!

In honesty, I don’t solve this one very often. I guess because it seems easy? Doesn’t stop me solving a 3×3 most days….

Anyway, here he is scrambled:

Back tomorrow with a shape shifter. See you then.