Helicopter Cube

Well, today I realised I hadn’t covered this cube already. 

I haven’t solved it in a LONG time. 

And unlike any of the other cubes (most of the other cubes), I can’t tell you where it came from, who bought it (if it wasn’t me), or why. 

It’s just always been there!!

A quick check through order histories shows it came from ZCube as a no brand helicopter cube. Still only just over five pounds. I genuinely don’t remember buying this, or receiving it!!

Anyway, if you don’t know – a helicopter cube is an edge turner. Where a standard cube is a face turner – the centres of the face are the rotation points, with a helicopter, the rotation point is the middle of the edge:

This one shouldn’t be too tough to solve – play a bit and figure out how it moves and works and where pieces can move to and you’ll get there. 
For a cheap, no brand puzzle, it isn’t too bad. (The url address says it is a Z brand). You can get one from most stores of choice. 

Again, a complete different world from a standard 3×3, but not too far a stretch if you fancy something different. 

So. There’s something I forgot. JUMBLING!!! When scrambling the cube for the last picture, I accidentally did a bit of a jumble. In case you don’t know, this cube can jumble (shape shift). Don’t ask me how, or why (bear in mind I had completely forgotten it even happened!!). BUT. Because of the edge turning of this puzzle, each piece has an orbit – it can only move to certain places on the cube. Unless you do the jumbling move. Basically, it moves pieces out of their orbit to get an EXTRA scrambled puzzle. I’ll try to show you in a few pictures, but I’m sure you can find tons of videos of it on YouTube:

Here it is scrambled:

Not far now – seven days to go (including today):

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