Truncated Pyraminx (from Poundland!) 

So, today I thought we could have a look at this guy – a truncated Pyraminx. I have a standard Pyraminx, and have had it for a while, but I heard some pound shops were selling these, so I kept an eye out if I was near.

 By a stroke of luck, I found one – the shop only had two left when I went in.

 For a £1 puzzle, it is surprisingly decent!! There have been a couple of instances where the panels have fallen off, but nothing that a bit of super glue won’t fix!

It’s exactly the same as a normal Pyraminx, apart from the trivial tips, but who needs those anyway?!!?

 Only a quick one today for my quick, Pound shop, puzzle.

Here it is scrambled:

 More tomorrow (only nine days to go!!):

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