Daily Archives: August 3, 2016


Unknown brand über 3×3

So, today’s one will be a quick one, I think. 

After the Megaminx, I thought I would do the Gigaminx and then (in the words of Dr Seuss), is was figuring on biggering and biggering and BIGGERING! 

But. Alas. I realised I have already done my higher order cubes. The only bigger thing left is this guy. 

Pure stroke of luck – I’d wanted a big 3×3 for a long time, but just didn’t think they worth worth the £15 I had seen them on sale for (for me anyway). We went to the shops on a Saturday morning and took some of the kids’ old clothes to the charity (thrift?) shop. Whilst there, I took Joey to look at the toys. And this guy was just sitting there, waiting for me!!

The best thing about this particular shop is that, if you donate something, they give you a voucher for £1. We had donated before, so I had a voucher. This was priced at £1. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!

It’s not a bad cube, not great. It turns ok and doesn’t lock up. Doesn’t corner cut, but whose cares – IT WAS FREE!!

Here it is scrambled:

Here it is next to a Guanlong for comparison:

13 to go, peeps!