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Cubetwist Triple Conjoined 3×3

Well, seemed sensible after yesterday!

This is another one from Lightake. About $10 – a real bargain for THREE CUBES IN ONE!

I bought this one because I had really enjoyed the Siamese puzzle. It was a slight increase in difficulty, but not too bad. So, I thought this was the next step…


The difficulty of this compared to the Siamese cubes is a big difference!

See, when I started cubing, I learned the beginner method. Ish. Mostly from YouTube, but with a bit of help from Badmephisto for last layer. 

Then, I got to F2L. Which made things a bit easier. 

Then, distracted by the idea of speedcubing, I learned the OLL algorithms. Fairly easy – for two look. 

I got down to a PB of 26 seconds. My cross was fairly quick, F2L was getting a lot better. It was just the last layer letting me down. It seemed the next step was full PLL. I looked at a lot of algorithm pages and videos and realised the enormity of the task….

It became apparent that to get say somewhere under 10 seconds would take a lot of effort. And time. That I didn’t really have. 

So, it was crossroads time. Smash into speed solving (when I wasn’t really into the idea that much) or enjoy solving puzzles (which was gradually more enjoyable for me, anyway). 

I went with solving. 

And tried more different puzzles. 

The point of this story is that I never got round to learning full OLL and PLL. Which left me in a lot of trouble with this puzzle…

Really struggled with orienting the top layer of the middle cube. Well. If I’m honest, the whole last layer stumped me a bit for a while! Got there in the end though.

Definitely worth a try for the price. Have a go!

Here it is scrambled:

Have a good weekend!



Cubetwist Siamese 3×3

This is an old favourite. I offered it from Fasttech about a year ago. Sill less than $10 with free shipping. Worth a look!!

It was my first experience with a Siamese cube (although I did already have he Cubetwist 3×3 bandage kit, but hadn’t really done much with it at the time). 

It’s a fairly easy solve, although I seem to remember I struggled a bit on OLL just because of the bandaging of the F layer. Once past this, it’s fairly plain sailing. 

A nice puzzle, still not too challenging, but a bit more fun than a standard 3×3. 

Still comes off of the shelf fairly regularly for a quick solve or two. A firm favourite!

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow!


“Rubbish” charity shop super 4×4 *UPDATE*

Well, today is a bit of an update. A bit of a success story. 

You may remember super cube week a while back? Well, the cheap super 4×4 was annoying me. The girl I bought it for went on holiday for a week or so. I thought that, whilst she was away, I would solve the cube for her.

How wrong I was…..

The thing was IMPOSSIBLE to turn. Not the greatest video, I admit, but take a look at how bad it really was:

So, I thought I would take it home and try to fix it for her…

What I found was: disgust!

I took the thing apart:

And it was obvious how dirty it was:

So, I went about cleaning it up. You can see just how filthy it was:

I then started attempting to reassemble it  (after the 10×10 – piece of cake! Right? WRONG!). It was almost impossible!

The inner centre pieces just wouldn’t stay in – there was no integrity as with the 10×10 – as those inner pieces went in, they sort of held each other in place. Not this….

Over the past couple of weeks, my tiredness level has gone through the roof. Every time I touched it, another piece fell out. I just haven’t had the energy to do it. 

UNTIL TODAY! (5am this morning, to be precise):

I struggled with the centres again, but powered through with a bit of a new plan of attack:

Made fairly quick progress:

You may wonder why I taped it as I went – it was so feeble, it just wouldn’t stay together – even with the screws as tight as they would go. 

Anyway, the last piece was a bit of a struggle, but I made it. 

I’d put a tiny bit of lube in the middle layer as I built it, but not much. 

Couldn’t be happier with the end result:

See you tomorrow for more insomnia-induced adventures!


Puzl Calendar Cube

Bit of a cheat today, but without the calendar cube, there would be no blog! And with the power of RUBBISH Photoshopping, HERE IT IS!

I’d wanted to start up a blog, or website, or something to do with cubes for ages, but there didn’t seem to be any point in just another solution site, or reviews of the same old 3×3 cubes. So, I didn’t make one. 

Then, one day at work, I was changing the date on this cube and the idea of a Cube of the Day hit me. I don’t know if it’s the best idea, or how long I will keep it up for, but it’s an idea!!

Anyway, back to business!

This was a gift for Christmas – I had wanted one for a while, but couldn’t find one in the UK. In hindsight, I could have bought a cheap cube and a sticker set, but a gift is always nicer!

So, I’ve had it for a year and a half now. It lives on my desk at work. It’s been solved every work day I’ve been there since I’ve had it. I would guess it is probably my most broken in, solved cube! It gets more action than all of them out together!!

It came from Puzl and was about ten pounds, I think. Not too bad – it’s not the greatest cube, but it definitely isn’t the worst either.

Here it is scrambled (for what it’s worth!):

Come back tomorrow (and the next day and the next….) to see it again!


Rubik’s 1x2x3 Junior Bear

Well, I keep forgetting about this guy. Of them all, I think it is my favourite. It’s my little boy’s second cube. 

The first was a 99p cube so that he didn’t eat mine!!

Didn’t do so well:

Still, I quite like to solve it – the missing stickers make it a bit more fun and it has been played with so much, it’s probably the best turning 99p cube in THE WORLD!!

Anyway, I digress. In March, he turned three. So in the new April term, he started pre-school. He took to it well, especially as he hadn’t really spent any time away from us. 

On his first day, he was made Star of the Day. I think this was to make him more comfortable about coming back!!

After not long, he was made Star of the a Day again! This time, off his own merit. I was so happy for him (and he was so proud of himself), I ordered him this. I had shown it to him before, but just hadn’t ordered it. 

He was SO happy when it came (I didn’t tell him I had ordered it). Sat playing with it and solved it after not too long.

 It’s now been relegated to the ranks of “back of the toy box”, but he gets it out and plays with it every now and then. 

It’s not a bad puzzle – the name fairly well, is well made and has nice, thick stickers. 

It also has KILLER parity:

Here it is (so brutally) scrambled, enjoy:


Mefferts Venus Pillow

I know I said I wasn’t planning to have 3×3 cubes as Cube of the Day, but this one is a bit different. 

It’s a recent addition to the collection. I bought it mostly to display, but also to see what it is like. 

I made it cube of the day as I’ve only solved it once since I bought it!!

It’s just a 3×3 shape mod, but it looks nice! It’s stylish and well-packaged. I don’t normally keep cube boxes, but this one looks quite nice in the box. 

As expected from a Mefferts puzzle, it’s very well made. Turns very nicely. If I remember rightly, I sticks a little bit – mostly because of the spiky corners!

It’s fairly expensive for what it is – I think this was about £20, but looks nice and is an interested piece to show visitors. 

Here it is scrambled:

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday. 


Smaz/MF8 Dino Cube

A classic today – small, but perfectly formed! This is a fairly recent addition to the collection – you be wanted one for a while, but got distracted when ordering and forget to look for it!!

I like it. 

A simple little cube, corner-turning. Not too challenging, just a nice little puzzle to pass some time. 

I first came across these on an emulator (can’t remember which one – possibly an android app). It was the first time I had heard of one. It’s an easy solve, but I quite enjoyed it. If I’m honest, I didn’t buy one initially because I thought it was too easy and not worth buying. 

But, I kept going back to it on the app. So, in the end, I gave in and bought one. 

Not expensive, only ten pounds-ish, I guess. 

Not much of a story to this one from me, just a fun puzzle. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more hijinx!


Virust Mini 2×2 Ghost Cube

Just a cheeky little one today. I’ve already covered the Meffert’s 3×3 ghost cube, so thought I would throw this little guy into the ring.

I bought it direct from Virust Cube a while back. I actually ordered a mini one by accident, but them’s the breaks. It’s still a nice little cube. 

I believe the full size cubes are hand modded – this one is a 3D printed cube. 

It’s a bit grindy and noisy – but that seems to be the way of 3D printed cubes. It doesn’t catch and turns really well, it just has that signature noise. 

It’s only about $20, I think. Not a bad price for a printed cube. 

If you can solve a 2×2, you should be able to do this fairly easily. It’s just slightly more confusing. 

Definitely worth a punt at 20 bucks, but I would suggest going for the full-sized model (especially if you have stupid gorilla-hands, like me!!).

There was a bit of a furore when Fang Shi (?) brought out a mass-produced version without approval from Virust, but as far as I know that’s all sorted out now, but you know – buy from the maker. He makes some awesome puzzles. 

Here it is scrambled:

Fun times ahoy!


Dian Sheng Case Cube

Well, as much as I disliked Skewb week, it was a good idea – it made choosing puzzles easy. Narrowed the options. 

So, without a scheme (and the excitement of the 10×10), I was a bit stumped with what to choose. 

So stumped, I almost forgot to bring a cube to work! I was about to leave and this guy caught my eye. 

I’ve had it a long while, but also haven’t solved it for a long while. I remember getting it and getting stuck with what I thought was parity. With a bit of help from SuperAntonio, that was soon cleared up. 

This is a cheap cube. And it feels like it. But, it turns well enough and is not bad for a bargain. A decent enough shape mod – especially if you don’t have much experience with them. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more fun!



FINALLY!! I can share it properly and make it my Cube of the Day!!

You’ve seen it already – I don’t care! So happy it is complete, I could make it the Cube of the Day every day this week!!

I won’t. But I could…

It’s been a long time coming. If you don’t know – I bought this a while back on eBay. It was SUPER cheap, £10 plus shipping. Only problem – it was disassembled. But the seller promised all parts were there. 

It was delivered. I began. 

I started by installing the small, internal pieces. This took a long time – I have big hands and fingers and really struggled to get them all in at the same time, but I guessed they would provide some stability. 

As I put some in, I knocked some more out. This went on for a while. Finally I got to the last couple of sets and then realised one of the pieces was missing….

I emailed the seller to check if he had it anywhere. No joy. I started trying to find one online. A long search found that The Cubicle had spare parts for it. In panic, mode – I ordered one. 

In hindsight, this should have triggered an alarm and made me check the rest of the pieces were there. But no. Too stupid. I ordered one, single piece for about $18. Shipping was so expensive. But I wanted to build it. Desperately. 

The Cubicle took a while to post it, but when they did, the actual journey was super quick. AND just to be sure I had the right piece, they sent me a set of all four internal pieces. I wanted to kiss them!

I got the whole internal structure complete. Then began on the outer pieces. This took a while – I didn’t really figure out which went together – just kept hunting for each, individual piece. 
When I got my act together and figured out which went together and where, the pace picked up. 

I was racing through. Before I know it, I was left with the last layer. 

But bad luck struck again. By some coincidence, Red was missing a piece. As I found out when I got right to the end. 

Sadly, I went back to The Cubicle again. Ordered the last piece and waited. 

It came. 

Down to the final few pieces. I was expecting to have to take a lot out, but in a rather anti-climactic turn of events, the thing was finished in about two minutes!

I haven’t got my money back from eBay yet, but that’s next on the list. 

Anyway, here it is in all its scrambled glory:

I am amazed to say how well this turns. I thought it was going to be a dog, but I lunes it as I built it. Did one solve last week and it moves SO WELL. Very happy with this cube. 

Ps – I definitely won’t get this solved in a lunchtime, but that’s ok!