Daily Archives: July 22, 2016


Funny little Siamese love heart puzzle!

So, this isn’t the best or most difficult puzzle, but I picked it because today is a happy day.

Today, I resigned from my job. I have less than one month to go. 

For me, it will hopefully be a good move. Only time will tell. 

Unfortunately, this will probably ring the death knell for the cube of the day blog – the next four months will be intense training, so I don’t see enough time to be able to blog every day. Although I may do some updates if I find some time. 

I will keep going for now, but there will be an end soon….

Anyway, this is a sweet little puzzle. Fairly simple BUT…..I solved it back to shape fairly easily, but the pieces have the be rotated properly. I haven’t tried yet to twist them, but I can’t see it being too hard. 

This came from ZCube a while back. I hadn’t even scrambled it, or played with it until today. It was VERY cheap, so moves surprisingly well. The stickers feel nice, but aren’t particularly well placed on their relevant pieces. 

If you’re making an order, it’s a nice little piece to add to a display collection, but probably not worth break my the bank to ship!!

Anyway, here it is scrambled:

Have a happy weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.