YJ Rainbow Inequilateral Cube

I suppose after the last couple of cubes, this is the next, sensible option. 

It’s pretty much a combination of the last two cubes – a shape mod and a sticker mod. 

The shape mod is the same as the bump cube from two days ago and the sticker mod is the same as yesterday – centre rotation causing the problems. 

As with the standard bump cube, every piece has a place – no extra difficulty there. But the centre sticker has to be rotated correctly for the cube to be solved. 

I think I bought this a few months back – probably around February (my birthday is the first of Feb, so a well-sized order normally goes in around then!). 

It was crazy cheap – less than TWO POUNDS!! 

You can buy these from all of the major cubes seller (home and abroad). Definitely well worth a punt considering the cost. 

Just a quick update – I have added Oliver’s Stickers to the link page – give him a try for all of your sticker needs. He had tons of different shapes and styles. I’m fairly sure you can email him custom designs if you want to print your own super cube. 

Here’s this one scrambled:

See you tomorrow for some Friday fun!


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