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Shengshou Mirror (“bump”) 3×3

So, pretty obvious after yesterday’s post. 

What was also pretty obvious was that yesterday’s post wasn’t very good – I must admit, I did rush it, but it wasn’t just that. I realised I didn’t really know who I was blogging for – there have been some comments that this is good for new cubers to see the different types of puzzle available. Probably not much use for experienced cuber who probably have a lot of these puzzles. 

So then, I realised it probably wouldn’t be very clear to a new cuber what a bump cube actually is!! So, I am going to try to explain that in each post from now on – experienced cubers can bear with me (we’ve all been new to something sometime, right?) and hopefully, it will be of use to newer cubers. 

So…….a mirror, or bump cube is a 3×3 shape mod (still has the same mechanical structure as a 3×3, but the outer shapes of the pieces are different). As opposed to a sticker mod, where the pieces are the same snap, but the puzzle is stickered differently to change the look and difficulty of the puzzle (see previous posts on super cubes). I  will show a 3×3 sticker mod tomorrow. 

Although, saying that, it is a slight sticker mod although the stickers don’t affect the difficulty – every piece is shaped differently, so has an exact position – if this was a normal 3×3 covered in stickers that were all the same colour, it would be pretty easy – right??

The structure here is the same – 3 layers, centres, edges and corners. The pieces are just shaped differently – layer one is thin, two is about normal and three is BIG. Turning is the same, solving is the same – find a piece (the difficult bit) then place it as you normally would (the easy bit!!). 

As I said yesterday, this was a gift bought from Amazon, for only a few pounds – can be bought from pretty much any cube shop for not very much money. 

Give it a try, you might like it. 

Now, if only I could afford for tomorrow’s cube of the day to be a 4×4 mirror cube!

Here’s this guy scrambled: