FangGe 2×2 Mirror Blocks

Here we go, Monday again…

This was a fairly recent buy from Lightake. Not too expensive – around five pounds shipped. 

I’d been bought a 3×3 for Christmas the one before last (2014, I think that makes it). And REALLY enjoyed it. I had seen videos and thought about getting one l, but never did. 

I try to avoid buying cubes too often – it’s normally from the bigger Chinese sites, which leads to a shipping cost. So, it’s not worth buying just one puzzle (my Lightake cart is currently over $50 because I wanted one cube that was on sale for $6!!!). 

Anyway, back to it – it’s a nice puzzle, not bad quality – a bit spring-noisy (nothing a bit of lube won’t fix) but turns well and is more of a challenge than a usual 2×2. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for another puzzle (I reckon you can probably guess what it is going to be….). 


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