Cubetwist Triple Conjoined 3×3

Well, seemed sensible after yesterday!

This is another one from Lightake. About $10 – a real bargain for THREE CUBES IN ONE!

I bought this one because I had really enjoyed the Siamese puzzle. It was a slight increase in difficulty, but not too bad. So, I thought this was the next step…


The difficulty of this compared to the Siamese cubes is a big difference!

See, when I started cubing, I learned the beginner method. Ish. Mostly from YouTube, but with a bit of help from Badmephisto for last layer. 

Then, I got to F2L. Which made things a bit easier. 

Then, distracted by the idea of speedcubing, I learned the OLL algorithms. Fairly easy – for two look. 

I got down to a PB of 26 seconds. My cross was fairly quick, F2L was getting a lot better. It was just the last layer letting me down. It seemed the next step was full PLL. I looked at a lot of algorithm pages and videos and realised the enormity of the task….

It became apparent that to get say somewhere under 10 seconds would take a lot of effort. And time. That I didn’t really have. 

So, it was crossroads time. Smash into speed solving (when I wasn’t really into the idea that much) or enjoy solving puzzles (which was gradually more enjoyable for me, anyway). 

I went with solving. 

And tried more different puzzles. 

The point of this story is that I never got round to learning full OLL and PLL. Which left me in a lot of trouble with this puzzle…

Really struggled with orienting the top layer of the middle cube. Well. If I’m honest, the whole last layer stumped me a bit for a while! Got there in the end though.

Definitely worth a try for the price. Have a go!

Here it is scrambled:

Have a good weekend!


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