Daily Archives: July 11, 2016


Rubik’s 1x2x3 Junior Bear

Well, I keep forgetting about this guy. Of them all, I think it is my favourite. It’s my little boy’s second cube. 

The first was a 99p cube so that he didn’t eat mine!!

Didn’t do so well:

Still, I quite like to solve it – the missing stickers make it a bit more fun and it has been played with so much, it’s probably the best turning 99p cube in THE WORLD!!

Anyway, I digress. In March, he turned three. So in the new April term, he started pre-school. He took to it well, especially as he hadn’t really spent any time away from us. 

On his first day, he was made Star of the Day. I think this was to make him more comfortable about coming back!!

After not long, he was made Star of the a Day again! This time, off his own merit. I was so happy for him (and he was so proud of himself), I ordered him this. I had shown it to him before, but just hadn’t ordered it. 

He was SO happy when it came (I didn’t tell him I had ordered it). Sat playing with it and solved it after not too long.

 It’s now been relegated to the ranks of “back of the toy box”, but he gets it out and plays with it every now and then. 

It’s not a bad puzzle – the name fairly well, is well made and has nice, thick stickers. 

It also has KILLER parity:

Here it is (so brutally) scrambled, enjoy: