Smaz/MF8 Dino Cube

A classic today – small, but perfectly formed! This is a fairly recent addition to the collection – you be wanted one for a while, but got distracted when ordering and forget to look for it!!

I like it. 

A simple little cube, corner-turning. Not too challenging, just a nice little puzzle to pass some time. 

I first came across these on an emulator (can’t remember which one – possibly an android app). It was the first time I had heard of one. It’s an easy solve, but I quite enjoyed it. If I’m honest, I didn’t buy one initially because I thought it was too easy and not worth buying. 

But, I kept going back to it on the app. So, in the end, I gave in and bought one. 

Not expensive, only ten pounds-ish, I guess. 

Not much of a story to this one from me, just a fun puzzle. 

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more hijinx!

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