Daily Archives: June 29, 2016


QJ Skewb Ultimate

Ok, continuing with the them, here is the Skewb Ultimate. Another one from the big order in March. Another one that I haven’t solved yet. 

In good news, I solved yesterday’s hex Skewb. In the half hour. Happy with that. And slightly happier with the Skewb family!

This is very much the same as yesterday’s Skewb – same build quality, same turning, same matt stickers. It’s a nice size – I have big hands, so prefer bigger puzzles. 

I lucked out with yesterday’s puzzle solve – the bottom half was easy. The top triangles seemed to solve themselves then I was left with a three-cycle of “corners”(?). As if by magic, DONE!

Hopefully, I’ll have the same luck with this. Time will tell….

Here he is scrambled:

I hope you’re enjoying Skewb week. I think I am. Slightly. See you tomorrow for another. 

Ps – I’m writing these earlier and scheduling them to publish, so you can normally find them here around 10.30 as well as the Facebook page. The spamming (sorry) will still happen around lunchtime.