Daily Archives: June 22, 2016


Lanlan 4×4 Rhombic Dodecahedron

So, while we were on the topic of super cubes, I thought I would run with it.

This is a 4×4 shape mod, so has super properties.

Was bought from Cubezz a while back. I checked last night to make sure of the brand – they still have these for £5 and odd. So worthwhile. If you’re ordering a batch from abroad, add one in. Worthwhile while you are paying for shipping anyway.

Otherwhise, you can pick one up quickly in the UK for not much more: Puzzle Store.

It’s a nice puzzle, well made, turns well and is more of a challenge than a 4×4. It catches a bit, but I am sure a bit of lube would fix that. Plus, you get the fun of figuring out the centres  first!

I recently went through a phase of adding bigger cubes to my collection – a new 4×4, 5×5 (both to replace the ones I had), 6×6 – 9×9 and the ill-fated 10×10. This was mainly because I had started layer by layer solving – I followed some tutorials by SAV (links page) for layer by layer and AI solves. I sort of combined the methods and came up with a way I was comfortable solving any even or odd layered puzzles. So, I needed to test it.

I tried out this technique on my Moyu 4×4 Fisher cube, but the last layer didn’t really work. Unfortunately. Maybe I will give it a try on this (although definitely not in my 30 minute lunch break!!).

Anyway, here is this one scrambled. Definitely worth a bash, give it a try if you want something a bit different to a normal cube: