Daily Archives: June 21, 2016


Eastsheen 5×5 supercube

Well, I was a bit torn over today’s choice. After yesterday’s 4×4 supercube, I didn’t know whether to stick to the supercube theme, or go with 4×4 mods.

In the end, I went with this guy. Bought at the same time as the 4×4 (I’d been hankering after them for a while – bought them while they were on special offer). I think this one was around 10 bucks. Too good not to!!

Much the same as the 4×4, light, uncapped centres, but good stickers and all in all a nice cube.

I guess you could get a cheap Shengshou and a set of stickers for the same price, but, well, it’s just not the same, is it?

Here it is scrambled:

See you tomorrow for more fun and frolics.