Daily Archives: June 20, 2016


Eastsheen 4×4 Super Cube

So, last week’s sheepy adventure reminded me of the fun of super cubes. I sat on the sofa over the weekend and spotted this. 

I got this a while ago from Cube4you. A real bargain – about $7 US, I think. 

It’s a nice cube – light. The centre cubies aren’t capped, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to the movement:

I’m almost tempted to add a video to this post just for comparison – when I bought the sheep cube, I also picked up a 4×4 super cube. REALLY terrible. Almost impossible to move:

Anyways, this is today’s cube, a nice one. Can’t go wrong with it if a 4×4 super cube is what you’re after. 

But it leaves me wondering what tomorrow’s choice will be. Hmmm…..

Here it is scrambled:

Edit: I tried to solve the bad cube while she is away, but it is IMPOSSIBLE (sorry for the not very good video):