10×10 woes

Well, for the sake of continuity, another update  on the 10×10. 

I went at it in earnest yesterday to get it finished. Made quick progress. 

Had a plan of attack to build up the sides, then infill the top. 

Things went swimmingly. Then came the last layer. Like any cube, where the problems begin…

I don’t have the smallest hands in the world, so had already really struggled with the internal pieces without the rest of the pieces to worry about. When they started coming out as I was putting external pieces in, I expected trouble. 

I got the first side filled in. With lots of bother. As I got closer to the end, I got more worried….

Yup. You guessed it – ANOTHER PIECE MISSING. 😦

Mucho sadness. 

Refund request to eBay. 

Order placed to The Cubicle


But. I’m still not sure how I’m going to get the last pieces in when they get here anyway!!

Oh well. Normal service will be resumed at lunchtime. 

I’ve added a new Facebook page. Please like and share here: Cube of the Day



2 thoughts on “17.6.16

  1. I still wouldn’t even care! To get a 10×10 for super cheap, get to build it yourself (which is a puzzle in and of itself) plus you can lube it up as you’re building, and you even get your money back? Talk about a win win win! A 10×10 for the price of a few pieces?


    1. Unfortunately, those $3 parts have cost $12 each to ship. 😦
      Still, the building of it was very interesting. Definitely a puzzle of itself. But very enjoyable (well, until the very end).
      I wouldn’t like to do it often, but it’s definitely a worthwhile experience for cubers. 🙂


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