Daily Archives: June 16, 2016


Rubik’s picture/super cube

Well, today’s one is not very special(being a 3×3), but was such a great find, it should be shared. 

A new girl moved into our office recently and she became interested in my cubes. I lent her a Guanlong. She took it home on Friday and said she would solve it over the weekend. 

Lo and behold: she came back on Monday with a solved cube. And was very proud of herself. She ordered a cube for herself and kept hold of the YJ whilst waiting for delivery.

Unfortunately, she bought the cube from eBay and didn’t realise the seller was China based. She waited a LONG time…

My little boy likes trawling through toy boxes in charity shops. Whilst trawling last weekend, one shop had a 3×3 picture cube and a 4×4.

The box was labelled “3 for 99p”, so I thought I would get them for her. The 4×4 was APPALLINGLY bad. But it turned out that, for 33p, this was actually a Rubik’s branded cube (I didn’t really look properly in the shop). 

It turns like a Rubik’s cube, but is in good condition and she likes it, so all round a good buy. Even Lightake couldn’t sell you a cube for 33p!!

Here he is scrambled:

Happy Thursday.  Counting down the hours until I can get cracking on the 10×10!!

Edit: for our American friends, 33p is equal to about 45cents!


Addendum. More 10×10…

Well, I was right. I seem to have gotten much quicker at finding and placing the pieces. In quite a short space of time, I got another quarter done – it was a long day yesterday, so I didn’t do any more. 

I will probably finish in another two sessions. One tonight and one tomorrow. Fingers crossed, all of the pieces will be there….