A little extra treat…..

So, a while ago, I found a massive bargain on eBay – a Shengshou 10×10. I won the auction at a price of £10 plus £5 shipping. Crazy cheap.

There was only one catch – it was in pieces. But all the pieces were there. Apparently. 

I received it quickly in the post, and started putting it together. Quite soon on, I realised a piece was missing. The seller offered me my money back, but I discovered that The Cubicle stocked spare parts. Shipping cost was expensive, but still meant the cube was a steal. 

They took some time to ship the piece, but once they did. It came quickly. And instead of just the one piece, they actually sent me a whole set of the four internal pieces. Very nice. 

So after all this waiting time, today was the day to begin assembly properly. Much excitement. Kids put to bed. The dinner/play doh table became the assembly room. 

I had done a bit of assembly before the missing piece was discovered – one, or maybe two 5x5x1 corners squares. But I didn’t really know what I was doing. 

With a while to think about it, I now had quite a game plan and knew how to get going. Place in all of the internal pieces to (hopefully) add some stability to the core before working in the big, edge wedges and then the smaller pieces. 

And use tape. LOTS of tape.

I did fairly well – one whole quarter done. No explosions, or tears, or lost pieces. 

More to be done tonight (although it is 4.30am and I am wide awake). Hopefully progress will be quicker – I found myself fishing around for pieces still trying to figure what goes where. I have a new plan to tackle this, to hopefully speed things up. I’ll update tomorrow. 


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