Daily Archives: June 14, 2016


Rex Cube

Well, the realisation of how much can actually happen in 30 minutes hit yesterday. Heat lunch, eat lunch, realise lunch is scaldingly hot, wait for lunch to cool, create blog, write blog, try lunch again, scramble mildly difficult cube, start to solve cube. DING. LUNCH OVER!

Hopefully now this is set up, it will be easier. *must remember not to bring a 9×9 to work*

Anyway, all that aside – today’s cube is a Rex cube. An old favourite. Not just mine, but I think quite a few cubers would say the same. 

This one was a Christmas present from a couple of Christmases ago. Bought through Amazon from Cubikon. I think it is a Lucky Lion brand. 

A fairly simple puzzle, but one that I am always happy to go back to. Also helpful in solving other cubes (AHEM, certain  skewb variants, I am looking in your direction….). 

I still find myself disappointed that I didn’t even try to figure this out myself. Such a simple cube, but I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities to figure it out. So I looked it up. Hey ho, we live and learn. 

Let’s scramble it (then burn my tongue again):

Enjoy your lunch kids – I know I will!

See you tomorrow. Same time, same Bat-channel.