Ghost Cube

Well, hopefully this is the first of many.

I’ve been Cubing for a few years now and thought about blogging on the topic many times. But never did.

But now, I thought I would try a daily blog – I don’t have much spare time, so bring a cube to work with me most days. I keep a Guanlong in my desk drawer, so generally don’t bring 3×3 cubes.

I try to vary what I bring to keep it interesting and try to solve them in my lunch break – only 30 minutes.

Today’s cube is a Mefferts ghost cube. I got this before they re-released them – the were sold out everywhere or going for silly money on eBay and it turned out that Cubikon had them in stock. At a normal price. They appeared on Amazon UK, so I grabbed one while I had the chance.

It’s a nice cube, well-made. Fairly tricky to solve. It wasn’t the first shape-mod I had (first was the Axis Cube – still a favourite and to follow soon, I’m sure), but the similarity of pieces really threw me off.

Now, I find it quite fun to solve.

Here it is scrambled and ready to go:

I hope you enjoy this. And I hope I enjoy it enough to keep it up!!



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